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Beverly Physiotherapy has been a part of Winnipeg’s West End for over 3 decades. Over the years we have treated many athletes with a wide variety of sports injuries. Whether you play sports at a recreational or competitive level, we offer assessment and treatment of sports injuries to all ages and ability levels. We do not require a prescription from a physician or a sports injury clinic to get started. At Beverly Physiotherapy we will do a thorough assessment of your sports injury and create an individualized treatment program. Nothing makes our team happier than to get you back onto the basketball court, the soccer field or the skating rink!  If you are looking for sports injury treatment in Winnipeg, give us a call today to book your appointment!

Prompt Treatment To Get You Back In The Game Sooner!

Have you ever had an injury that you thought would just get better on its own? Did it take longer than expected to heal or leave you with lingering weakness or pain? Did you find this left you more prone to re-injury? 

Some people are lucky enough to heal fully without treatment. The rest of us sometimes need a bit more help! Our physiotherapists are rehabilitation experts with in-depth knowledge of many types of injuries, including sports injuries. Whether you have sprained your ankle, fractured a bone or strained your back, physiotherapists are very experienced at rehabilitating these conditions and many more! With the right treatment and exercises, you will optimize your recovery and reduce the risk of re-injury. Our ultimate goal is to get you back to the activity or sport that you love!

Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries

Rehabilitation of any injury starts with a thorough assessment. Is there swelling? Reduced mobility? Weakness? Impaired balance? These are just some of the things a physiotherapist will assess depending on the nature of your injury. For a sports injury, we know that returning to the game means that you will need an even higher degree of mobility, strength and speed to name a few. Taking a hit in hockey, sprinting down the basketball court or spiking a volleyball all require a very high level of function. A rehabilitation program for an athlete will look a lot different from that of a casual walker.

For an athlete returning to sport, treatment might involve things such as heavy weight lifting, advanced balance exercises, sport-specific exercises and many others. Including these advanced rehabilitation exercises in your treatment program ensures that you will reduce your risk of re-injury and feel confident returning to your sport.

Some of the sports injuries we can help with:

  • Basketball injuries
  • Contact sport injuries
  • Swimming related sports injuries
  • Running related injuries
  • Racket sport injuries
  • And more!


Need Help With An Old Sports Injury?

Even if your injury (sports related or otherwise) isn’t acute, we can still do an assessment to determine any areas that may need attention. There may be subtle deficits in flexibility or strength that may trigger pain during activity or impair your performance. It’s never too late to work on yourself and improve your health! Call Beverly Physiotherapy today to book your appointment and our team will be happy to help you!

The Right Treatment for You

Injuries are like the people who have them. They are all different! That is why treatment should be tailored to each patient, with their unique needs and goals. A treatment that is helpful for one person may not be as effective for another. At Beverly Physiotherapy, we offer physiotherapy, massage therapy and acupuncture services so that you have a variety of treatment options all under one roof! Call us today to find out more!