Car Accident Physiotherapy in Winnipeg

Car Accident Treatment

Are you struggling with an injury after a car accident in Manitoba? According to Manitoba Public Insurance, there are typically tens of thousands of motor vehicle accidents each year in Manitoba. Of these car accidents, many thousands usually result in injuries to those involved. 

Anyone who sustains an injury in a motor vehicle accident and is covered by Manitoba Public Insurance is allowed to open an injury claim. When you open an injury claim, you will be issued an injury claim number, which is all you need to start your physical therapy treatment.

 Your physiotherapist at Beverly Physiotherapy will take the time to do a thorough assessment of your injuries and create an individualized treatment plan to help with your recovery.

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Most injuries that occur after car accidents are soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue injuries can include strains or sprains to muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, or connective tissue. One common type of soft tissue injury which can occur after a car accident is whiplash. Whiplash usually involves injury to the neck as a result of the impact of a vehicle collision. Headaches or migraines can also be triggered by whiplash.

Other common types of injuries after car accidents are strains of the back and occasionally the upper and lower extremities. These can include sprains and strains to the shoulders, chest, knees, or ankles to name a few. These types of injuries and many others can be effectively treated with physical therapy at our Winnipeg physiotherapy clinic.

Getting involved in an accident and needing subsequent treatment in Manitoba is not an unusual thing. Conclusive studies indicate that tens of thousands of accidents occur in the region every year. These accidents cause damage, injuries, and in extreme cases, death. The good news is that if you’re in Manitoba and suffering from symptoms associated with injuries incurred from accidents, at Beverly Physiotherapy, we hallmark top-of-the-shelf certified physiotherapists ready to provide treatment and get you on track in no time.


Whether you’ve got whiplash, knee pain, body pain, brain injury, or any other damage that causes discomfort, you can come for a medical massage or other treatments tailored for the ultimate recovery.


Why Should You Visit a Physiotherapist After a Car Accident?

Treatment from physiotherapists can help injuries like whiplash heal quicker, reducing the chances of developing chronic or long-term body pain. Physical therapy treatment involves managing symptoms, treating inflammation, improving mobility, regaining strength, and reducing pain to bring you back to pre-accident norms.

Physiotherapists can give you home exercises and a pain management program to treat your injuries, including assigning massages from registered massage therapists, and other treatments to alleviate body pain, and other symptoms. Our certified physicians’ main aim is to provide treatment and get you back to your activities as soon as possible.

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Benefits of Physiotherapy

Studies show that physical therapy treatment, including massage, helps the body and brain recover from injuries and traumatic events, lowers your risk of repeated injuries, and reduces chronic pain while also improving athletic performance. It may also delay the need for surgical treatments.

Why Choose Beverly Physiotherapy for Car Accident Injuries?

A motor vehicle accident is a crucial interference in a person’s life and body, far beyond the damage done to the car. At times, it may be cumbersome getting through the claims process while handling damage repairs, pain and other symptoms associated with whiplash and other common car accident injuries, especially if you’re unable to work. Here at Beverly Physiotherapy, we are motivated to help you through the entire process. Contact our Winnipeg clinic today to start your physiotherapy treatment.

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