Why should you keep active when you have back pain?

Pain in the back

Back Pain Relief

If you’re like the vast majority of the population, you have probably experienced back pain at some
point in your life. If not- keep doing whatever you are doing! Acute episodes of back pain are very
common and most people recover fairly quickly without the injury developing into chronic back pain.
Chronic back pain is when pain persists for more than 12 weeks. The goal of most people dealing with an
episode like this is to get back pain relief as quickly as possible! So how do we know is the best way to
relieve back pain? That’s where research on the most effective types of back pain treatment can help
guide us…..

Imagine that you wake up with back pain after trying to lift something heavy the day before…. Do you
think you should:

  1. Get back into bed and stay there until the back pain goes away?
  2. Shrug off the pain and run off to your kickboxing class?
  3. Ease yourself into physical activities and exercises that don’t trigger high levels of pain?

If you guessed 3, you are absolutely right!

Back Pain Exercises

Current research shows that the best way to ease lower back pain is to keep active with your usual daily
activities and exercises that keep pain at a manageable level. This can include things like light housework
or yard work, shopping or cooking to name a few. Exercises that keep pain at a reasonable level are also
recommended. Examples of low-impact exercises that are excellent for people experiencing back pain
can include walking, swimming and dancing. People that have back pain are likely to recover more
quickly if they keep moving than if they remain sedentary for too long, which tends to prolong episodes
of back pain.

Back Pain Treatment

If you are looking for a bit more guidance on specific therapeutic exercises for your condition, a
physiotherapist can help prescribe back pain exercises that are tailored to you. A physiotherapist is
qualified to assess all types of back pain and will typically provide a treatment plan that incorporates a
variety back exercises and stretches among other things. One example of a commonly prescribed back
pain exercise is a bridge. These back pain exercises will be reviewed and modified over time to ensure
that you recover as quickly as possible and return to your pre-injury level of function. Physiotherapists
also help people with back pain learn about ways to prevent episodes of back pain from occurring in the

You may be wondering what the best back pain exercises are to ensure the quickest recovery? The
simple answer is- it really depends on the person. Every person who experiences back pain is unique. For
some, the pain might get triggered when sitting, others when walking or bending forward. For some the
pain is there all the time while for others it’s only with specific movements. The pain can be quite

localized to a small area or widespread and radiating into the leg. That’s why it’s impossible to say
exactly what exercises will be helpful for each and every person with back pain. The main thing to
remember is that you can try anything (within reason) as long as you start slow and gradually progress
the intensity level. It’s also important to monitor your body’s response to the exercises. If the pain gets a
lot worse or starts to spread to other areas it’s a sign that you should dial down the intensity or take a
rest temporarily. Above all else, try to do exercises and activities that you enjoy! You will likely stick to it
and get those positive endorphins flowing!