How Can You Benefit From Massage Therapy?

Massage Therapy can be defined as the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body such as muscles, tendons, connective tissues, ligaments and the skin. Massage treatment can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals who may seek out treatment for a variety of reasons. Licensed massage therapists go through significant training in order […]

Why should you keep active when you have back pain?

Pain in the back

Back Pain Relief If you’re like the vast majority of the population, you have probably experienced back pain at somepoint in your life. If not- keep doing whatever you are doing! Acute episodes of back pain are verycommon and most people recover fairly quickly without the injury developing into chronic back pain.Chronic back pain is […]

How Long After An Injury Should You Start Physical Therapy?

In most cases, physical therapy can be initiated right away after an injury. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to get started. Your physiotherapist will perform a thorough assessment of any affected areas such as the joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and muscles of the limbs and spine. If your physiotherapist thinks that you should see […]

Why is Physical Therapy Important After an Injury?

Physical therapists are highly trained in the assessment and management of injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. Having physiotherapy after an injury ensures that you will have a thorough assessment of your area of concern for things like inflammation, range of motion limitations and strength deficits. This assessment will guide your physiotherapist to create an individualized treatment […]