Fees and Insurance

You may have insurance coverage for therapy services through private insurance benefits, the Workers Compensation Board or Manitoba Public Insurance. We can assist you to find out what you may be covered for.




This coverage is usually part of an employer benefits plan. You may have coverage through companies such as Blue Cross or Great West Life. There can be varying amounts of extended health benefits depending on your particular plan. We can assist you to find out what you may be covered for. We do direct billing with most insurance companies.

Workers Compensation Board


The Worker’s Compensation Board provides coverage for physiotherapy if you are injured at work. The WCB covers an initial physiotherapy assessment and will then decide if you are approved for further treatment. An injury claim number issued by the WCB is all that is needed to start your assessment. We always do direct billing with the WCB.

Manitoba Public Insurance

Manitoba Public Insurance provides coverage for physiotherapy if you are injured in a motor vehicle accident. An injury claim number issued by MPI is all that is needed to begin your assessment and treatment. No special approval is required for treatment once you have your claim number. We always do direct billing with MPI.



  • Assessment            $77.25


  • Subsequent Visit  $62.25


  • Acupuncture           $19

     (In addition to physiotherapy fee)

Massage Therapy


  • 30 Minutes $50

  • 45 Minutes $67

  • 60 Minutes $84

  • 75 Minutes $100

  • 90 Minutes $116

  • 120 Minutes $152

We accept credit and debit cards, cash and cheque